Welcome to Michael Roth Software


Welcome to Michael Roth Software

18 years of experience in the field of secure data transmission.

The Personal FTP Server Pro SSL - Your FTPS server Made in Germany.

The PFTP PRO SSL Server is compatible with all available FTP (S) clients regardless the data access is done from Windows, Linux, iOS or Android.

Save your data, pictures or videos from your PC and Smartphones directly to your own secure FTPS server rather than in a cloud thats is not under your control.

PFTP PRO 8.6 SSL x64/x32 Release

Release of PFTP PRO SSL version 8.6
Immediately all authorized users of PFTP PRO SSL can free update to the latest version 8.6.

The country's education authority Hessen relies on PFTP PRO SSL for secure encrypted data transfers at Hessian schools.

The new, safe and easy to use SSL / TLS version of the popular FTP server PFTP PRO. A dedicated FTP server for Windows 10 / Vista / Windows 7/Windows 8 with user management (anonymous or closed system) and assignment of rights. Up to 24 different share folder per user are possible. Individual rights for each user and path, multi directories, ratios, Brute Force Protection, and many more features. 

PFTP PRO SSL: Secure encrypted data exchange for everyone.


Install-> Run-> Create Certificate-> Create User> Done

Never the way to your personal encrypted FTPS server was so easy.



- Implicit and explicit SSL is supported
- Full SSL protected FTPS / FTPES connections with all FTPS aware clients
- PFTP PRO SSL is NOT affected by Heartbleed bug
- PFTP PRO supports SSL CCC for example, Dynamic Firewalls
- 1024-4096 bit RSA
- most simple Create self-signed X.509 certificates
- Several thousand users with up to 24 folders
- Brute Force Protection (IP based) to secure the server
- Native 64 and 32 bit versions for fastest performance (both versions included)
- The server core of PFTP PRO is running as x32 or x64 Windows service
- Automatic Windows Firewall configuration on first start
- Automatically detect all available CPU cores
- Simple im and export all users in csv files
- Extremely fast server core (in real operation more than 20,000 file transfers per hour were reached).
- Proven simple and user-friendly user interface

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The LANiS Projekt: New Version

Lanis: A future-oriented pedagogical approach for establishing and managing networks in schools. In this project, we realized since 2004 until today some very interesting subprojects which we would like to share here.

Lanis is "Easy administration of networks in schools" and provides a pedagogical technical concept for the establishment and management of networks in schools. The developers of Lanis are teachers who have many years of experience in the field of computers in schools and in the classroom. Lanis is constructed and ,apart from some commercial add-on products, for Hessian schools free. Detailed information on Lanis and the available software packages can be downloaded from the following Internet address:

The project uses our FTP server PFTP PRO that handles all data transmissions. In addition, the software solution includes our implementations for the control of Active Directory as well as modules for block and control the student computers. An own file manager we created for this project is also included.

The Lanis project is currently being used successfully in Hessen at more than 350 schools. The distribution in other states takes place through the Office of Teacher Education Hessen. Some part with a commercial license of the software suite can be ordered with us.

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